Weightronic WA 14-65: leading the weigh on salad leaves

ILAPAK’s Weightronic WA 14-65 multi-head combination weigher already offers the highest speeds in the industry on salad leaf applications thanks to advanced software and the engineering of its radial feeders, top dispersion cone and discharge chutes.

Now, users of the industry-leading weigher can also look forward to reduced giveaway, following design improvements that have enhanced the WA 14-65’s weighing accuracy.

Whilst most multi-heads on the market have two sets of memory hoppers, the WA 14-65 now has three sets.

“Adding a third tier of memory hoppers increases the number of available combinations for the system to choose from, enabling it to get even closer to the target weight. This improved accuracy translates directly to reduced giveaway and cost savings for our customers,” explains Andrea Boccolini, VFFS Division Product Manager at ILAPAK.

With its full washdown construction and quick release parts, the Weightronic WA 14-65 is designed to meet the  hygiene demands of the produce and leafy salad industries. The compact weigher is available with small, medium or large volume hoppers.

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